Difference Between Paint and Stain,油漆与染色剂之间的不同之处


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Both paint and stain are used to protect, preserve, and decorate your home by covering it with a pigmented coating.


Paint and Stain are composed of the same three primary ingredients: 1) pigment, 2) solvent (or vehicle), and 3) binder. Stain is predominantly solvent, then pigment and/or a dye, and lastly a small amount of binder. Whereas paint has much more binder in order to adhere to the surface of what is being painted.

油漆和着色剂由相同的三种主要成分组成:1) 颜料、2) 溶剂(或载体)和 3) 粘合剂。 染色剂主要是溶剂,然后是颜料和/或染料,最后是少量的粘合剂。 而油漆则含有更多的粘合剂,以便粘附在所涂漆的表面上。

The main difference between paint and stain is that paint lies on the surface of the item being painted, whereas stain is absorbed into it. Here are some pros and cons of both paint and stain.

油漆和染色剂之间的主要区别在于,油漆位于被涂漆物品的表面,而染色剂被吸收到其中。 以下是油漆和染色剂的一些优点和缺点。

Paint is thicker than stain, so generally needs fewer coats. Stain can be deceptive, and you may need to use a lot more than planned if a surface is particularly absorbent.

1.油漆比染色剂厚,因此通常需要较少的涂层。 染色剂可能具有欺骗性,如果表面吸水性特别强,您可能需要使用比计划更多的染色剂。

Paint also comes in far more color options than stain.


Paint is more uniform in its covering.


There are also more sheens and finishes available in paint.


You can paint over previously painted surfaces (after preparation) whereas you cannot use stain over paint.


Paint can be applied to more than just wood surfaces. It can be used on stucco, metal, plastic, and more.

6.油漆不仅可以涂在木材表面上。 它可用于灰泥、金属、塑料等

It is easier to apply stain, as well as to re-coat surfaces that need a touch up.


Stain is often cheaper to purchase than paint.


Stain is quicker to apply than paint, because you don’t always need to prime surfaces first. It also only usually needs one coat.

3.染色剂比油漆涂抹起来更快,因为您并不总是需要先给表面涂底漆。 它通常也只需要一件外套。

Wood surfaces are enhanced, rather than covered up, by stain. Stains give a more natural feel.

4.木材表面被染色剂增强而不是被覆盖。 染色剂给人一种更自然的感觉。

Paint has the potential to peel, crack, or flake, whereas stain is more resistant to chipping but will fade over time.


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